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deviantart is getting slower and slower...... or my internet connection has some troubles
please help me to upload.............
no progress. shall i quit?
finally i can upload. But it took so much time.
and i prefer the old layout
i can't upload my art..........
please visit my daughter's art at
i have no idea..., what's next?
still don't know what are llamas for
see no way out
movies has always become my inspiration to draw. sadly this year, almost all U.S. blockbuster movies won't be played at Indonesian theatres, because some kind of embargo and taxes matters. Hope all the problems will be fixed soon so i can feel the excitement of seeing movies at theaters again....
upload more to my gallery
please tell me how to delete 'submit print ' art because i'm not intent to sell my print
I'm a new deviant art member.& still  not familiar with everything on this site. just want to upload my drawing outputs to get some critics and opinions. first time i upload Spider man and Lois & Superman. 2 of my!

I have no idea, why I join this site, but perhaps I can explore my hobby, and get a little time out from my routine. i also enjoy watching other people outputs, hoping i will make some progress too.

Finally, i'll keep upload my gallery & hope to join some drawer community